After an introductory meeting where Brief, Budget, Style and the "bones" of your new garden are all discussed, its time to hit the drawing board.

Julip works closely with a number of specialist garden designers and landscape architects. Based on the brief, a designer is chosen to put your dream on to paper.  

Careful measurements are taken of the site to make sure all quotes are accurate, features are placed correctly and sufficient filler plants can be ordered. Ourselves and our designers take note of light, and soil conditions; architectural elements to be enhanced with planting; eyesores or neighbours to be hidden; and everything else specific to the clients (and clients pets') needs.

Concept plans, planting schedules and detailed drawings are all made available to you, making visualisation easy and ensuring peace of mind.

Quotes can be drawn up separately for design or alternatively, included in the landscaping fee.


Julip offers an all inclusive landscaping solution.

From Hard landscaping (Ponds, paving, fencing, decking, pergolas etc), Irrigation, planting, we have you covered. Many of these elements are completed in-house by our skilled team under constant supervision by a project manager.

A schedule is drawn up before commencement, beginning with hard Landscaping and mature tree imports. Getting this done first ensures none of the soft elements get damaged further down the line. All sleeves under pathways and retaining walls are installed allowing for ease of access when irrigation, lighting or other services need to be run. Mature specimen trees, needing to be craned in is carefully managed during this time to see to it that they are snug in their new homes.

Irrigation and lighting is run, making sure that everything is protected from prying garden forks in the future. These are tested and the smart controllers are explained to the client, along with a detailed instruction manual.

And then the planting begins. All soils or planting mediums imported, are of the highest quality. Special compost ratios are made up depending on the needs of the species chosen. Plants are placed and finely tuned for maximum effect before being planted. Once in the ground, fertilisers are spread and mulch is applied if needed.

Maintenance (Garden management)

Julip offers quarterly (Every 3 Months) garden management. 

Rather than typical maintenance consisting of pruning, mowing and cleaning up, we go the extra mile to ensure the best on-going support to your growing garden.

All irrigation, lighting, soil conditions and pest/ disease inspections are included. Adjustments are made where needed and any leaks or lighting placements are fixed, diseases and pests are controlled, sprayed and recorded, giving you absolute peace of mind.

All details/ issues are relayed to the client and action can be taken to mitigate any problems.

Maintenance is charged for, per hour. Repairs, pest control, composting and feeding are charged for as needed and any special requests are noted prior to arrival to ensure your garden space is perfect, year round. 


Not after an entire garden? No problem!

Any element of an outdoor or indoor-green space is within our scope. From decking to pergolas, indoor specimen plants to vertical gardens, we can help.

As these installations can vary so much, each will be unique and we are perfectly suited to adapting to your needs, anywhere within the Western Cape.

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